Euro to pound sterling exchange rate history

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Euro and pound coin

The recent Euro to Pound Sterling exchange rate history is an interesting one and certainly mirrored by political events. In June 2017 the UK Government called a snap election and shortly afterwards the Brexit negotiations started in earnest. For the first half of the year as you can see from the graph below, the Euro to GBP rate had stayed under 0.864 and had recorded a low point of around 0.812 in December 2016 and May 2017 and peaked at around 0.85 in between.

In real terms that means for €500 you would have got £407.00 on December 5th and £425.00 on March 14th.

Euro to Pound Sterling exchange rate history graph

Euro to sterling exchange rate history graph

However, after the UK general election and the start of Brexit negotiations the Euro started a gradual climb upwards as the British pound was hit with the uncertainty and as indicated below, it reached the years previous high of 0.858 on 22nd June and continued to climb to a peak of 0.902 by 30th August.

This means that €500 would have brought you £45 more in August than in May!

Euro to Pound Sterling exchange rate history graph last 6 months

Euro to sterling exchange rate history graph

Since September the euro has fallen back slightly and at the time of writing was a respectable 0.860. It’s anybody’s guess how things will shape up in the future and there will surely be more volatility to come. Whenever you make plans to visit the UK you will always find the best rates on compare holiday money.

And if you are interested in finding out more about the Euro exchange rate against any currency then visit any of the currency pages on the website and you will find a 7 day and 90 day history. For more comprehensive information you can see our growing list of exchange rate history pages such as the Euro to US dollar page. And if you would like to see any specific currency history not listed then please contact us for details.

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