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In my last blog post I talked about what our site is and the services that we provide. This week I’m going to talk to you about you can use us and why you should use Compare Holiday Money in the future.

One of the things that our site prides itself in being is one step of the game. As well as being one of the first comparison services for buying currency, we continue to give you the latest news and analysis of the markets.

Depending on the currency you are looking to buy, the majority of our services have an analysis of the exchange rate over the past week or 90 days. This can come in really handy to know the state of the economy when exchanging Euros for travel money.

For example, on our Best Pound Sterling Exchange Rates page, we can see that you can get £8.70 more than you could have three months ago. Keeping you in the know about what you can get for your money.

But it’s not just our updated service that makes us such a good brand. Our services enables those planning an overseas trip to see the best rates on the market from home. The need to settle for a poor high-street price is no longer needed when exact figure of how much you can pick up.

Our lists also show some providers of certain currencies will also deliver to your door; saving time and hassle.

The comparisons can help you save money too. If I wanted to convert Euros into US Dollars. I could be getting a saving of nearly 4% thanks to visiting our website.

Coming soon will be a video showing just how easy it is to use our currency comparison service.




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