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Send or receive funds between Irish and overseas bank accounts

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Save Money on your International Money Transfers

Dedicated foreign exchange brokers can facilitate the transfer of funds between Irish and overseas bank accounts. If you need to send Euros overseas or receive funds from a foreign account, these specialist brokers can manage the entire transaction for you at a fraction of the cost of high street banks or credit unions. There is no catch; these brokers offer overseas transfers with no hidden fees and no commission - instead they make a small profit on the exchange rate they offer you but they rates they give you are still far better than anything the banks can offer.

Request a quote today using the form above and we'll get our top three brokers to battle each other to bring you the best deals so you don't have to waste time on shopping around. We are so confident that our carefully selected partners can save you money on your international transfer that we challenge you to let us know if the quotes you receive can be beaten anywhere else!

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Once you request a quote we will share it with our carefully chosen partners who will compete with each other to offer you the best quote. You will be contacted by each of the brokers specified (a maximum of three unless you specify otherwise) who will offer you a complete quote that is tailored towards your specific needs. Quote requests are completely free and you are under no obligation at all to accept any of them, although we are sure you will find them extremely competitive and unbeatable on the high street.

No, never. We will share your details only with the carefully chosen partners above (a maximum of three unless you specify otherwise). Once each of them have provided you with a quote you will not hear from them again unless you decide to go ahead with the transfer. Your details will not be used for any other purpose and will never be sold or passed to any third parties so you can be confident your details are totally safe and secure with us.

The money transfer process is extremely straightforward. After submitting your request using the form above you will be contacted by each of our money transfer partners who will offer you a quote for the transfer which will consist of the exchange rate you will receive and any other applicable fees. If you go ahead with a quote you will be given detailed instructions on how to continue but the basic process is as follows:

If you are sending funds from an Irish bank account to an overseas bank account

You will need to transfer the funds to the broker's account and provide them with the recipient bank account details. The broker will then exchange the funds into the appropriate currency and electronically transfer it over to the recipient account, usually within 24 hours.

If you are receiving funds from an overseas bank account to an Irish bank account

The sender will need to transfer the funds to the broker's account using the account details provided. The broker will then exchange the funds into GBP and transfer them into the recipient's account, usually within 24 hours.

Money transfers are extremely secure. All online transactions use the same high level of encryption as used by high street banks and retailers and your personal details are held securely in accordance with all applicable Irish laws. All of the money transfer brokers that we work with are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for your security and all customer funds are held securely in segregated client accounts for added protection and peace of mind.

Regrettably we are not able to offer transfer services to / from all currencies for a variety of political and economical reasons. The list of exchangeable currencies is always changing, but if the currency you need isn't on our list above we suggest you try your bank to see if they can help.

No, unlike most high street banks our partners do not charge commission and there are no hidden fees. The exchange rate you are quoted is the rate you will receive, although due to the volatile nature of the currency markets any quote you are given will expire after a fixed period of time.

Yes, under most circumstances you will need to provide some basic identification for most transactions and you may be required to provide additional documents (for example, source of funds) depending on the currency and amount you are transferring. Requirements vary between brokers but you will be given specific advice on exactly what is required if you accept a quote offer.

Our Trusted Foreign Exchange Partners


FEXCO are one of Ireland's leading foreign exchange providers. They provide businesses and individuals with a wide range of foreign exchange services including a secure and transparent international money transfer service with bank-beating exchange rates and unrivalled customer support.

Established in 2009, Frontierpay is an award-winning and trusted payments provider that offers access to more than 140 currencies. Frontierpay have extensive knowledge of the foreign exchange industry and specialise in exotic currencies and difficult markets.

FairFX are primarily known for their prepaid currency cards, but they have been offering international money transfers since their formation in 2007. FairFX pride themselves on their technological approach to foreign exchange and use state of the art technology and a range of online tools to deliver money transfers in a convenient and cost-effective fashion.