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Send or receive funds between Irish and overseas bank accounts

We've selected the top three Irish foreign exchange brokers that we believe offer the best customer service and exchange rates. Fill out our quote form below and let our carefully chosen money transfer partners battle each other to give you the best quote. (Find Out More)

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Key Benefits

  • Bank-beating Exchange Rates
  • No commission, no hidden charges
  • Regulated by the CBI for your security
  • Currency transferred within 24 hours

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  • Moneycorp
  • FairFX

Our Trusted Foreign Exchange Partners



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FairFX offer a simple, fast and secure money transfer service online or over the phone. Whether you need to make regular payments, send a small amount of cash overseas, or make a large transaction; simply choose a service that best suits your requirements then transfer in three easy steps.



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FEXCO are one of Ireland's leading foreign exchange providers. They provide businesses and individuals with a wide range of foreign exchange services including a secure and transparent international money transfer service with bank-beating exchange rates and unrivalled customer support.



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Moneycorp Ireland are corporate foreign exchange specialists who deliver tailored money transfer services to personal and business customers in Ireland. Established in 1972, Moneycorp transact billions of Euros around the world every year and have over 500 employees in four countries.

Save Money on your International Money Transfers

Dedicated foreign exchange brokers can facilitate the transfer of funds between Irish and overseas bank accounts. If you need to send Euros overseas or receive funds from a foreign account, these specialist brokers can manage the entire transaction for you at a fraction of the cost of high street banks or credit unions. There is no catch; these brokers offer overseas transfers with no hidden fees and no commission - instead they make a small profit on the exchange rate they offer you but they rates they give you are still far better than anything the banks can offer.

Request a quote today using the form above and we'll get our top three brokers to battle each other to bring you the best deals so you don't have to waste time on shopping around. We are so confident that our carefully selected partners can save you money on your international transfer that we challenge you to let us know if the quotes you receive can be beaten anywhere else!

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