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Compare Holiday Money is Ireland's first and only travel money comparison website. If you sell currency for home delivery or in-store collection, and your exchange rates are available online, why not enquire about how we can help to promote your business and drive quality traffic to your website.

If you sell currency

In 2015, over five million visitors used our comparison services in the UK and placed over £40m worth of paid currency orders with our currency affiliates. Regardless of how competitive your exchange rates are, you can benefit from added exposure and promotion across all of our outlets including our website, newsletter and social media accounts. Our development team will do all of the integration work for you and even work with you if you do not have an affiliate programme already in place. We'll create a free review page and company profile page for your business and help you to build up trust with your customers by collecting reviews on your behalf.

To feature on our currency comparisons, you must:

Featuring on Compare Holiday Money is free. We do not charge a listing fee, there are no minimum contracts and you are free to remove your listing at any time and for any reason with no notice required. We work on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis which means we only charge commission on orders to you that are actually paid. If you get no orders, you pay no commission and no fees but you can still remain on our listings and benefit from free advertising and exposure.

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If you'd like more information about our affiliate programme or would like to discuss a partnership opportunity, please email or use our contact form instead.